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Office style guide

- Your new business look -

Everyday, we’re confronted with the question of which outfit to wear to the office. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some great outfit and styling tips so that you’re perfectly styled from head to toe and don’t have to waste time scrummaging through your wardrobe.
Business Basics
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On trend: Mixed patterns
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Office shoes
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Tips for everyday wear
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Suits you! Modern trouser suits
Trousers exude coolness and sophistication! Match with flat shoes and a stylish print top for a modern look. Stay versatile and mix it up by combining your two-piece look with jeans or other business essentials.
Dress for success! Feminine business dresses
These dresses will have you looking dressed for success! Feminine cuts and wrap details conjure up a snazzy silhouette while exuding classic charm all at the same time.
Versatile blouses
Your pattern fashion game plan: combine versatile patterned blouses with plain coloured business trousers. Prefer the classic look in white? Then layering is your go-to styling strategy for creating an exciting look!
Business trend: Playing with patterns
A short style guide for the perfect mix of patterns: Combine large and small prints in the same colour scheme!

Always a step ahead

Give your outfit that perfect finishing touch by adding a pair of loafers or ankle boots.

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Still getting adjusted to your new home office routine?

These tips will have you breezing though your work day at home with ease!


Choose a calm area in your apartment to reduce possible distractions and keep your work space clean and tidy.


Consciously set time aside for breaks – re-energise with a coffee or tee, just like you would at work. Make sure your home workspace is well ventilated or step out briefly for some fresh air to get your juices flowing!


To ensure you work effectively, we recommend you make a to do list to help you prioritise projects. This will allow you to complete tasks step by step so that you can celebrate those little accomplishments.


You’ve successfully completed your work day. Now it’s time to fully power down and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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