Create your favourite style!

Got an important meeting followed by an elegant dinner event this Casual Friday? To make sure your wardrobe is working as hard as you when you're on the go, we have developed nine key pieces for you which you can mix and match however you like. Discover the range of possibilities and find out how to master this style challenge with ease.
Dress to impress: strong looks for strong women
Decisively feminine

Sheath dresses were made for bold business outfits: our favourite piece is defined by its sophisticated lace trim and is perfect for meetings and more when paired with the matching blazer. Invited to a dinner party after work? Leave the blazer at the office and wear the dress solo with high heels and a choker. A casual 2-in-1 alternative: oversized jumper and faux leather pencil skirt.

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Get the look: slim-fitting with a decorative lace trim
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Get the look: with a lace trim combined with a classic
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Get the look: faux leather
pencil skirt combined with a short-sleeve

Business ensemble: dress it up or down
Professional self-expression

Combining classic pieces: pair a blue and white striped blouse and timeless business trousers to create a simple office style. Alternatively, smart layering with a striped top and oversized jumper highlights the casual side of the drawstring trousers – a true feel-good outfit for your business trip! Then simply switch the cropped jumper for a blazer to instantly show you mean business.

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Get the look: and a coordinate with a short-sleeve
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Get the look: and a classic
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Get the look: classic and matching paired with a long-sleeve
“A little make-up tip for your after-work party: the best way to make the biggest impact is by adding colour to the lips. If you don't have your lipstick to hand, you can simply dab on a little blusher.”

Janina Cüpper, fashion expert and freelance stylist

It’s your turn!
Mix and match to suit your mood and get creative! And don't worry – you can't go wrong because all our key pieces are perfectly coordinated with each other. Discover more business must-haves for your wardrobe and get your new business look right now!
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Beautiful contrasts
Pared-down elegance
A clever combination: this feminine outfit gets its a sophisticated style contrast from the classic blazer, which also ensures the look is office friendly. Ditch the blazer for elegant accessories and you’re perfectly prepared for your after-work dinner event.
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Straightforward style
Cool understatement
Selected stand-out basics are all you need for everyday office wear. Make sure that the individual pieces add special details to your outfit. We like to pair a simple lace blouse and drawstring trousers to create a feel-good look for the office.
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With a , a and a , you’re all set for your next business event.
Cool chic: a , a and an will accompany you to your meeting.
The feminine creates a beautiful contrast to this business ensemble, consisting of and a .

Janina Cüpper
Fashion expert
Janina Cüpper is an old hand in the fashion business and has worked as a freelance stylist since 2014, sharing her expertise with prominent brands, celebrities and editorials. Our fashion expert has put together some versatile looks with feminine charm exclusively for our new business collection. Luba, the face of comma, was on hand as the perfect model for Janina to present her outfit ideas and styling tips.
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