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„I could give up fashion.
But I’m not a quitter.“

We love Coney Island

A place which makes its own rules, where bright, colourful lights compete with the sun itself and opposites unite to create a perfect whole – Coney Island is New York’s most popular amusement destination and the perfect backdrop for the autumn styles from comma casual identity. Be inspired by casual styles, sporty accents and creative details. Discover the unique power of the contemporary casual look.

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Style jackpot: airy striped top with a denim skirt in a vintage look. | Casual & cosy: A soft scarf in saffron with a blazer and trousers in tracksuit-style jersey.
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Urban khaki: this new favourite green is decorating the bomber jacket. Goes great with a statement top and skinny jeans. | A sporty top gives a blazer and chino outfit a casual, laid-back vibe.
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