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Support & FAQ -
Shipping, delivery times and payment options

How do I find the item I am looking for?

In the top menu bar, directly next to the comma logo, you can find the menu items NEW, SHOP, LOOKS and MAGAZINE. In the Shop area you'll find all the products from the comma online store, sorted by category, e.g. Blazers | Waistcoats. Click on one of the categories to get a complete overview of all the available items. Here you can select a specific item and then go to an enlarged view with all of the relevant product information. If you're seeking inspiration from the latest fashion trends or are looking for an entire outfit, we recommend you select the Looks category. In this section, we regularly post the highlights from our collections in a range of different styles. We're bound to have what you're looking for, be it classic, urban, modern, sporty, formal or absolutely ravishing!

The quickest way to find a specific item is by using our search function. Simply enter the desired search term, e.g. coat or blouse, in the search box at the top right and all available items with this term will be displayed instantly. Of course, you can also search by item number here as well.

How can I make the best use of the search function?

Link search terms:
You may enter several search terms in order to get the best possible search results. Separate the individual terms with a space. Link, for example, the colour or size together with the item group you're looking for, e.g. red blouse, black trousers.

How do I find out what's new in the comma online store?

You can see all our new arrivals in the NEW category. Each of these products also features the word NEW in the product view.

What information will I receive about individual items?

The item view feature offers a front view for all items. Many of the items also have a rear view, a zoom function and/or a detailed view. In addition, the item description will provide you with all relevant information, including style, features, material and care instructions. Many items also have detailed information about the fit, with a corresponding size chart.

What's more, you can find suggestions for "matching items" that complement the selected item to put together a complete outfit. These are shown below the detail view under "COMPETE THE LOOK".

Can I have matching items or outfits suggested to me?

Suggestions about Coordinating pieces are suggested Usually Directly under the product info and the detail view.

Thesis Could be items in fashionably coordinated fabrics or matching accessories. By Clicking on the suggestion , you will be forwarded directly to this item .

How do the shopping bag and order placement work?

The shopping bag, located at the top right hand side of the page, means you can always see how many items you have in your shopping bag and the total price of all the items. Click at your "shopping bag" to view small pictures of the items. They are placed on the right screen margin.

You can look through the contents by clicking on the button "GO TO CART". You can then see which products are in your shopping bag and how much each of them cost. Please check that the you have placed the correct quantity and colour of the selected item in your shopping bag.

Here you can correct the information as often as necessary by clicking the "Change item details" button and then either continue shopping or complete your order.