Since 2009, we have been cooperating with the Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA) initiative, which aims to protect the environment and improve the working and living conditions of smallholder farmers in Africa. One of the key aspects of their work for us is the targeted strengthening of the role of women.

"At comma, we are convinced that gender equality and the empowerment of women in business and society are key factors for sustainable development worldwide."


Head of Sustainability, comma

Together with CmiA, we support two social projects for women:


In Tanzania, the initiative built a girls' dormitory near a school. Here, young women find shelter so that they do not have to make their often long and dangerous journeys to school in the dark. The hostel will be put into operation in mid-2023 and will then be able to accommodate up to 60 girls aged 13-18. The girls, who come from villages within a 9 km radius, will live together with the headmistress on the school grounds in future. During the week, the teachers also take care of them. The afternoons and evenings are spent in the group, using the time to study, cook and play together.


CmiA specifically promotes the financial independence of women. The initiative raises awareness of issues such as gender equality and that children should not work but go to school. In Benin, women are supported in improving their income: by processing and selling shea butter, for example, the women can pay school fees, uniforms and books for their children, thus giving them access to education.